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A highly accessible program of support to take any rider step by step through building an empowered biomechanical connection with the horse.


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How Can You Know You're Riding Correctly?



  • Do you feel unbalanced, insecure and/or ineffective in your riding technique?

  • Are you stuck in bad habits that you just can't seem to change?

  • Do you come up against challenging resistances in your horse that you don't know how to address? 

  • Would you like to be lighter with your hands, but at the same time you rely on the reins to maintain balance, control and to keep your horse in an outline?

  • Are you frustrated about lack of progress in either your own riding or in your horse's way of going?

  • Do you lack confidence in your skills and feel uncertain about exactly how to go about schooling your horse?

  • Do you feel pressured to create a certain appearance with your horse, but unhappy about resorting to forceful aiding or shortcuts?

  • Are you aware of a basic lack of harmony and unity between you and your horse?


Take the Authentic Balance Acid Test and find out the truth about you and your horse's balance.


Get your free guide to 3 simple exercises with checklists to analyse your results and practical tips for how to move forwards.

Riding without addressing the fundamental imbalances between human and horse is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant for both parties, but it is actually harmful and it breaks the horse down over time.


It doesn't have to be this way.

The way you use your posture when you ride will either join you and your horse in harmony or keep you apart in discord.

"Gabrielle’s approach to teaching is different to anything that I’d come across before.

The main difference is that she has helped me to think of me and the horse as one system."

D. Sim

Edinburgh, Scotland

The key to transforming your horse is to transform your own riding!


If you know anything about dressage riding, that might seem like an obvious statement, but the majority of dressage approaches, conventional or alternative, focus on the horse, not the rider!

Even when the rider is addressed, it's invariably on a superficial level - such as the appearance of your position, and learning standardized aiding.


The process that riders need to go through, in their own body, to bring about the state of true balance in the horse is rarely understood. Certain deep-rooted conventions regarding the very root of the rider's connection with the horse - the seat - have been putting riders off the path to posturally balanced riding for centuries. 

The BecomeOne Academy takes you on the full journey of developing your postural interaction with the horse, so that you can really get the basic connection with the horse right, and then build everything else on top of those solid foundations.


This is the only successful path to the unique biomechanics of postural engagement, to the sublime experience of truly balanced riding.


Learn the dynamic seat connection that gives the green light to hind leg engagement, and how to overcome the challenges that cause most riders to miss out on this revolutionary way of connecting with the horse.


Achieve the postural control that allows you to channel the horse laterally, avoid the compensations for crookedeness that are standard practice in conventional techniques, and reach the profound benefits, for both you and your horse, of mutual straightness. 


Discover the beautiful biomechanics of postural collection, which have nothing in common with the false collection that relies on blocking the horse in front and artificially raising the head-carriage. True collection is a real gymnastic development that empowers both you and your horse.

Anyone Can Do It And It Works For Any Horse



The journey that the BecomeOne Academy takes riders through is accessible and relevant to any horse and rider combination because it is based on universal principles of biomechanics.


The system of postural connection and control that you will learn has been developed, tried and tested with all kinds of horses and riders.


The 6-step structure of the Become One Academy is called FLOW: the Feel-Led Oneness Way.


'Feel-Led' because you will learn the techniques through following your feel, as a result of applying clear, practical steps in your riding.


'Oneness Way' because this journey is the way to join in harmony with your horse's movement.


Flow is the quality that we are constantly prioritizing in the horse's way of going.


In Biomechanical terms, Flow refers to the steady transmission of power from back to font that allows the horse to carry us perfect balance, strength and grace.

In the horse's natural balance, this transmission comes and goes, preventing the horse from engaging the ring of postural muscles that keeps his back lifted underneath our weight. Only by connecting with and channeling the horse's energies in a specific way can we support steady transmission and get the Flow going.


Click on the image to enlarge it.

When we awaken our awareness of Flow it guides, informs and enriches our connection with the horse.

 It is the portal through which we can allow the horse to really become our teacher.




The BecomeOne Academy FLOW course runs for a year, with each step lasting for two months.


Every week members receive bite-sized learning materials in different formats.

These materials are designed to build both a thorough understanding of the skill to be mastered at each stage, and exactly how to go about its practical development in riding.


These include video demonstrations, reading materials, a workbook with quizzes and checklists, and, of course, practical exercises.


The exercises are focused on accessing certain feelings in your body by developing a postural connection with the horse - this is not just another 'learning by rote' course where you reproduce training techniques!

It's about changing the whole way you physically connect with your horse in motion, from the bottom up.


The focus on feel that ensures you will stay on track without direct teaching, since knowing how to access the right feedback by developing specific skills allows the horse to become your teacher.


The program also includes audio instructions to listen to as you ride, which are a great tool for real-time support.



  • Six Clear Steps

    You will be guided through a clear, logical process where you know exactly what you should be working on at each step.

  • Zero Force!

    You will never be asked to use forceful equipment, such as strong bits, spurs or tension-inducing aiding to achieve results. If you prefer to ride bitless that's absolutely no problem!

  • The BecomeOne Community

    The BecomeOne community is a great place to share your experiences, ask questions and get additional support. Becoming a skilled rider has its challenges, but when you share the journey with other like-minded people you are far more likely to succeed than if you go it alone.

  • Support Not Pressure

    You are encouraged to take the time to develop skills at your own pace. The course structure will keep you motivated but gives you the time to establish each step before moving on. Of course you can revisit the materials as much as you like.

  • Real Skills

    The goals of the course are not circus trick-style training results, they are about achieving a real positive change in the feedback you get from your horse. The skills you acquire will stay with you for as long as you ride.

  • Freedom

    You can choose to leave the course whenever you like, keeping all the materials you have been given up until that point.

Whats My Investment?

If you're not already experiencing the harmonious oneness with your horse that postural riding brings, then it's almost certain that you and your horse are stuck in a mutual struggle for balance that you may not even be aware of, simply because you are so used to it.

Most riding methods simply disguise this struggle instead of genuinely resolving it.


The cost of this more-or-less subtle discord is not just missing out on the wonderful experience of becoming one with your horse, it is also a cost of real physical harm. The fact is that regular riding (including conventional dressage training), with its resistances and compensations, breaks horses down over time. Not to mention the mental stress that it causes.

Do you want to carry on being dependent on the reins, restricting your horse, and having to ride from front to back?


To keep feeling the frustration of not knowing exactly what you should be doing and how to move forwards?

Are you happy to leave your horse's true potential unrealised, and risk his or her injury over time due to wear and tear?

These are the costs of not spending the time and effort developing the right skills in your riding.

Why BecomeOne?

  • Discover the wonderful realm of becoming one with your horse through postural balance. 
  • Acquire the tools to resolve your horse's resistances without force and constraint.
  • Release dependence on the reins by building a unique postural connection through your seat.
  • Train your horse in a way that promotes his health through good posture and suppleness, and his happiness through relaxation and trust.
  • In addition to the health benefits for the postural rider of developing a strong core and supple joints, you will also grow inner qualities such as centeredness (being in the now), heightened body awareness, patience, self-discipline, determination and lack of attachment to results. That's a lot of qualities! But they are all part of the journey of correct riding, and they also serve you in all walks of life.

What's In The Course?

  •  Member's Portal

    Login to your own learning space on the BecomeOne website and you can access all of your course materials from anywhere, on any device.

  • 6 Core Concept Videos

    As soon as the course begins, you will have immediate access to all six Core Content videos via the member's portal.

    These videos give an overview of each stage of the FLOW program, so you'll know what to expect (and what to look forwards to!) all along the BecomeOne journey.

  • 12 FLOW Workbook chapters

    The FLOW workbook is an interactive, engaging and fun way to keep on track with the course. You will receive access to a new section each week, letting you know exactly what to work on via either practical exercises or study steps.

    The workbook is full of ways to check in with your learning and riding experiences, including quizzes, checklists and journaling logs. You're invited to print out the workbook so that you can fill it in. It's also a great way to record your journey with BecomeOne!

  • 12 Video Tutorials

    These videos are where you will get both Gabrielle's spoken guidance and her detailed demonstrations in the saddle of the skills you will work on in each step. Each of the 12 videos is made available in the portal at the beginning of the month, that's two videos per stage of the FLOW course. You can consult them as much as you like throughout the course.

  • Monthly Q&A Sessions

    Throughout the course you can submit your questions and Gabrielle will answer them during a video session at the end of each month.The recording will then be made available for your consultation at any time. This is a great way to both receive personal feedback and to learn from other member's questions.

  • The Gymnastic Rider eBook

    As part of the BecomeOne Academy you receive a copy of Gabrielle's comprehensive eBook. This is the textbook of the FLOW course, and you will be referred to it for essential background reading throughout the course. For those who want to go deeper with theory, additional reading from other sources will also be recommended.
    BecomeOne is a highly practical approach to riding, but knowing the 'why' behind the 'how' is invaluable for your success, your motivation and your enjoyment of the process!

  • The AudioRide Course

    You will also receive the full AudioRide course of mp3 recordings to listen to as you ride. The three albums in the course were designed as an accompaniment to the Gymnastic Rider eBook. Each album contains a series of exercises, explained through clear and simple instructions.

    Download them onto your phone or mp3 player, plug in some sports headphones when you ride, and you have real-time instruction in your pocket!

    The recordings are referenced as the course goes along, so you'll always know exactly what you should be listening to an when.


    The BecomeOne Community

    Members are invited to join an exclusive group where everyone is welcome to share their experiences, support others and get support themselves in a warm and friendly environment. This community very often becomes one of the most valuable assets for members.

The Feel-Led Oneness Way online course

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For the first time ever I felt that I was understanding the correct way to ride a horse. Gabrielle has a deep understanding of the gymnastic principals of riding coupled with a fantastic ability to connect energetically with horses and people.
I truly believe that she has the depth of understanding to further anyone’s journey.



Training with Gabrielle Dareau marked a new start to my riding, despite having been a rider for more than 30 years, and an international competitor.

She taught me the skills, and gave me an understanding of horse-rider biomechanics that naturally very talented riders apply intuitively, but are rarely able to explain to others.



When you feel the deep engagement between horse and rider, that Gabrielle teaches it is so obviously right.


There is a connection between horse and rider that is not forced in any way, to the extent that you feel part of the horse.


It’s an amazing feeling.


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